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Precious Pup Surrendered To High Kill Shelter, Openly Wept As His Owner Walked Away

Life for a chihuahua named Jake was as sweet as can be just a few short weeks ago. Jake could often be strolling at a dog park for his mid afternoon walks, socialiaizing with the friends he had come to make over the years.Sadly, all of this has changed and Jakes new reality, is in stark contrast to the comfortbale life he once lived. His owner didn’t want him anymore for reasons that are still unclear, and Jake was brought to the high kill Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California, where he faces an uncerain future.Carson is one of those places oyu would never wish mon your own worst enemy to say and right the least. Dogs, and cats surrendered to the facility are given just weeks, and sometimes even just days to find forever families, before the unthinkable happens: euthanasia.

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