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Pit Bull Near Death Gets a Second Chance at Life

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control picked up Petey, an emaciated Pit Bull, who was also badly wounded. It was unclear whether he had been beaten nearly to death or whether he was involved in a dog-fighting ring and used as bait. What was clear was that Petey would not make it without help. He had massive injuries to his head requiring the shelter to put in stents to drain the wounds for fear of infection. His injuries were severe for the overwhelmed shelter. Petey was living on borrowed time.

Fortunately, Alex Tonner of Karma Rescue saw Petey’s dire condition and immediately pulled him from the shelter and hospitalized him. On the brink, he slowly returned. The swelling subsided and the wounds mended. He did not seem to have any lasting effects except one…emotionally.

Whoever had done this to Petey had made him closed off, afraid. It took some time but Karma’s volunteers and fosters were able to “love” him back to emotional health too. Ten weeks after Petey left the shelter; Robyn Stern adopted him. Robyn is a volunteer with Karma Rescue and immediately fell in love with this dog that she says is “a big lug from the Jersey Shore.” Petey still has physical scars and improperly docked ears to show his life before Robyn but he doesn’t let it hold him back. His second chance at life has returned him to a puppy-like state. He loves toys, chewing, rolling around in the grass, balls and meeting new people. Why wouldn’t he? He deserves it.

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