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How to teach your dog the command “Come”?!

The “Come” Command

In any situation with your dog ,he must quickly come to the owner after receiving the come command (or seeing it as a gesture).
This particular skill disciplines the dog and develops attention to the trainer.

The “Come” command and the gesture lowering the left hand to the thighbone,previously raised sideways on the shoulder height,the flat of the hand is turned to the dog.
Reinforcement=give the treat,stroke,and sometimes tighten the leasht.

The movement is implemented from the first days of walking the dog.The basic method of the dog training is food. The training is held on the area with the least amount of distractions.The dog must be starving or half hungry and good at walking.The exercise is performet in such a way.During the walking of a dog the trainer calls the dog’s nickname draws his attention to the  piece of meat in the left hand is kept by the thumb.At first the movement of the hand is free,then the left hand is put out and raised on shoulder level.Step by step,raised hand becomes a signal about treat for the dog.If the d0g is coming slow and sluggish,the trainer should run from him,backing away.During one two hour training,this exercise is repeated 10-15 times with an obligatory treat for the dog.If the dog does not respond to the treat and he comands “Come” the trainer draws attention by his behavior and by an easy tightening of the leash,bringing the dog to himself and stroking,and giving delicacy to the dog.
When the dog on the command “Come” and gesture interestedly and quickly runs up to the trainer with a long distance leash,the following complications are introduced:

  • Control of the dog seperately by the command and by gesture
  • training to sit in front of the trainer agter coming closer
  • systematic increase of staying in a sitting position in front of trainer after it come closer
  • calling the dog from any position,training to sit near the left trainer foot after staying in a sitting position in front of the trailer
  • control of the dog without a leash

When calling the dog,the trainer should not use unpleasant mechanical stimuli for the dog.Thebest means for getting a dog to come are giving him treat and petting.

The skill is down when the dog on command or gesture in difficult situation,being at a distance of 30 meters,quickly runs up and sits down in front of the trainer.

Possible errors of the trainer and their results:

  1. Systematic pronunciation of the dog’s nickname before the command “Come”;repetition of this command
  2. Using painful,unpleasant stimuli for the dog after it has come to the trainer
  3. Systematic calling of the dog in different position of the trainer-standing,sitting,lying down.This prevents the dog from staying in these positions

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