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10 Things Only Pit Bull People Understand

1. That feeling when you get to the dog park and all the other dog owners pack up and suddenly leave.

2. “There is no balanced reaction to her. People either LOVE my Pit and are OBSESSED with Pits, or they are terrified and cross the street.”

3. Finding a place to live can be more difficult. 

4. When they play, they play to win

5. There is nothing like a Bully cuddle…

6. …although sometimes that means there’s no space for you on the couch.

7. That sweet, sweet head tilt.

8. The talking. They will argue with you…

9. …and demand attention in a voice that can only be described as “adorably annoying”.

10. As huge and muscular as they are, they’re really softies on the inside.

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