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Man spots 4 puppies covered in tar and left to die, realizes there’s still time to save them

When you look into an animal’s eyes, you can see many emotions.

Intelligence, care, love: these are all easily recognizable if given a glimpse. The animals around us reflect a natural innocence, an element of pure humanity that has somehow been misattributed to humans— and it’s hard to imagine anyone who would purposely do them harm as anything but an evil monster.

Unfortunately, one of these monsters made his presence in Romania known, leaving 4 horrendously injured puppies in its heartless wake.

Earlier this week, headlines everywhere covered the story.

Someone had covered 4 puppies in tar and had left them in the sweltering sun to die a slow and painful death. Fortunately, they were rescued by the Sky Foundation for Animal Rights before it was too late.

The animals were found in critical condition but have since been treated by a vet in Isai, located in North East Romania. He describes the experiencing, noting:

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