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Deaf Shelter Dog Cries Alone After Her Best Friend Is Adopted


Any time a shelter dog finds his or her forever home, it’s always a cause for celebration — except, of course, for those they leave behind.

For the better part of a year, this deaf shelter dog, pit bull, named Marshmallow had shared a kennel with her best friend, Scooby, at Unleashed Pet Rescue, in Kansas.

There, amid the uncertainty of a life without a family, the pair were able to find solace and joy in one another. But sadly for Marshmallow, that recently all changed.

Earlier this week, Scooby’s long wait at the rescue shelter came to an end as she was selected by a loving family, but unfortunately they were not able to take in Marshmallow as well.

Suddenly on her own for the first time in months, the lonely pup was inconsolable.

“Marshmallow is crying and has been non stop since yesterday,” Unleashed Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook.

“Her roommate and best friend Scooby was adopted, she is very confused and sad. What she needs is a forever home to heal her heart.”

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