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A dog found on streets was abandoned by his family simply because he was ‘ugly’

Imagine a kin of yours meeting with an accident which deforms his face and body. Would you get him the best treatment or would you leave him to suffer the anguish all his life? A family decided one day that their pet dog was way too ugly to take back home so they abandoned him on Huntsville street.

Bjarni, the dog was first found lying on the streets of Huntsville in a terrible condition two years ago. He had lost half a nose and his teeth were luxated. His disfigured face attracted huge attention initially but people came and walked by until he was picked by a dog shelter in Texas.

St Francis’ Angles, an organization that looks after such dogs who meet the same fate as Bjarni tried contacting the original family of this dog. You wouldn’t believe what they replied when asked to take their pet back home! They straight-away denied it and said that Bjarni was too ‘ugly’.

Anne Garber, the founder of St Francis’ Angles after hearing this, was determined to get the dog treated with the best possible medication and surgery. He tried tooth and nail and did whatever it took to transform Bjarni.

After his face realignment, Bjarni is a much happier dog now and has found a place he can call his ‘home’. Thanks to the organisation that takes such initiatives and help the poor animals who have nowhere to go. We still wonder how can someone be so heartless for a dog so indigent!

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