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Rescuers See Strange Bumps All Over Pit Bull’s Body, Take A Closer Look And Are Shocked

It’s horrible that in today’s day in age there are still awful stereotypes surrounding Pit Bulls. People don’t seem to understand that it’s not the breed but how they were raised that makes them behave like they do.The truth is that Pit Bulls are sweet and loving dogs that can be helpless and defenseless sometimes. At times — they need our help, love, and assistance. Rescuers who found this Pit Bull realized this all too well.

A Pit Bull was found in Puerto Rico lying on the side of the road. Car after car would pass by — not even giving the sweet dog a second look. No one stopping to check if they were injured or in need of help.

Thankfully — a very amazing woman stopped. She was shocked as she approached the Pit Bull and realized he was completely covered in ticks. The sweet dog’s prognosis was not looking very good.She contacted rescuers at the Amigos De Los Animales shelter and the dog was transported immediately. Continue to the next page to see this incredible dog’s rescue! You’ll be shocked too!The manager of the shelter, Adrienne Lastra, couldn’t believe her eyes when the dog came into the clinic. The number of ticks was completely shocking to them. Before starting medical treatment they knew they had to give him a name — they called him Ramsay.Ramsay was treated with medicated shampoo and Adrienne, along with her husband, got to work on making her healthy again. It was going to be a long road but the sweet Pit Bull was well worth it.

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