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Pit Bull Shot In The Head Trying To Protect Owner

New York There’s a dog that took a bullet, possibly saving his owners life. And surprisingly, the 12-year-old pit bull shot in the head survived. The pit bull named Kilo was off to the vet Wednesday for a check-up, after taking a bullet for his owner, Justin Becker. He’s a hero. He …

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Get Justice For Nina!

Percy Lusford came into my yard,onto my property with the sole intention of murdering my pit bull who was tied out on a lead in my yard. His wife had already made threats of carrying out this act as well as false police reports regarding this dog stating the dog …

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Blind And Deaf Dog At A Shelter

One hour ago, this dog was euthanized. Arrangements were being made for the dog to leave with a rescue. Follow this very tragic situation as the shelter volunteers are completely heartbroken. Just looking at his face, can it even be possible this five-year-old lost sweet pooch named Keller can’t catch …

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